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Designed for New Leaders

(0-3 years experience)


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Small groups

Learn by Doing

The odds are stacked against new leaders.

Imagine a group of 3 new leaders. One will fail quickly. One will fail slowly. Only one will be a success.

How can you beat the odds?

Do the hard things others won’t.

Training New Leaders in 3 Steps

Step 1

Join the Program

This is a five week program. Each week we complete one new module. In between we work together to integrate the concepts. Use the 1-minute registration form to apply for the New Leader Program.

Step 2

Attend the Trainings

Each training module is held live and online, once per week. In between the trainings, members have access to recorded micro trainings and 1:1 coaching sessions.

Step 3

Get the Leadership Certificate!

Attend all of the live training sessions over the five-week program and you earn the Leadership Certificate! Go ahead, hang it up on that wall.

Leadership is a Learnable Skill

Forget titles.

These days each of us needs to use the skills of leadership more than any other generation needed to.

Any role where you are collaborating, where you are a member of a team, where you are directing, where you are coordinating, has become a leadership role.


Work has fundamentally changed. We are required to be more creative, more thoughtful, more innovative, more collaborative, and more brilliant than ever before. And we can only deliver on these expectations when we work together.

Leadership is about people.

The problem is that most of us haven’t trained as hard for the work of leadership as we trained for our technical skills.

The result? 

Most of us learn the skills of leadership in the hardest way possible. We stumble through the first two or three or even five years trying to find our footing, trying to find our leadership voice. 

In the meantime the team suffers, people quit, clients complain, senior management gets frustrated, and business results decline.

The combination of doubt, insecurity, lack of support, and lack of training take us down before we get a chance to shine.

But what if we could interrupt this all-to-familiar pattern?

The New Leader Way is intentionally designed to give leaders the tools and the support they need to successfully make the leadership leap.

This the New Leader Way.

Watch this video to learn more.


Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Jonathan.

I write and speak about leadership and resilience. I have a masters degree from Seattle University and professional coach training from the University of Miami. I am the author of Future Leader: Rebooting Leadership to Win the Millennial and Tech Future.

I also help new leaders get up to speed and feel more confident in their roles. I host each of the live trainings. 

I believe leadership is a learnable skill. It’s something we can learn how to do and it’s a skill we can get better at.

Apply to the program. Let’s work together.

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