Uptime requires intentional downtime

What would your weekend need to look like so that Monday morning you are in the best possible physical and mental condition to move forward on the real work you get paid to do? (I know, long question).

Next question: What does your weekend actually look like?

Cleaning the bathrooms, raking the leaves, going to Costco, chauffeuring the kids around to events, getting groceries, fixing that thing for a family member, watching Jack Ryan season 2…

I am guessing there is a disconnect in your life between what rejuvenation is, and how we spend our time rejuvenating.

How do I know?

It doesn’t come from a crystal ball, but from my own life experience. I create that disconnection way more than I would like to.

A gentle reminder to myself: “Creating uptime on the few things that matter most requires enough downtime to marshal the resources. Create intentional downtime.”

by Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan is the Head Coach at Sandcastle Company, a Seattle-based leadership training organization. His first book, Future Leader: Rebooting Leadership to Win the Millennial and Tech Future [link], is now available. Jonathan regularly writes and speaks about The New Leader Way, leadership resilience, and the future of work. He has years of leadership experience in both the public and private sectors, a master's degree from Seattle University, and professional coach training from the University of Miami.

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Published on November 8, 2019

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